Where the Wild Things Are

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Nature is never short of inspiration, giving Visual Merchandisers a chance to recreate some of its wonderment inside window and in-store spaces. Spring/Summer saw a myriad of floral and greenery from luxury to commercial brands, but come Fall/Winter, it’s time to bring in the warm and fuzzy.

If internet trends are of any indication, viewer’s love for furry animals will never go away. Celebrity pets now have their own Instagram pages while adorable mammalians have their own Youtube channels. A fun and easy way of utilizing this theme without breaking the bank is by incorporating animal heads to mannequin torsos. This is neither a concept that is new or innovative, but is definitely a display trend that draws plenty of attention from passersby. From simpler executions like that of Holt Renfrew’s 2D zebra heads and D-Torso’s paper-art hangers, to the more complex 3D concoctions at Coach and Bergdorf Goodman, any animal/mannequin combination creates a dynamism that we will definitely be seeing more of this Fall/Winter’14.