Gaston Louis Vuitton

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“Heritage” has long been a selling point for many luxury and premium brand identities, but in an ever-evolving culture, few have ventured so far back as to recreate one of its founding members’ direct vision. In the case of Louis Vuitton, the  founder’s grandson was the inspiration behind a window scheme that was displayed in only a select few countries, one of which was Shanghai’s l’Avenue location.

As the man behind Louis Vuitton’s expansion into purses and wallets, Gaston Louis Vuitton was known not only as an avid traveler and collector, but he also possessed  great passion for creating window displays. According to, Gaston Louis wrote in 1925, “The art of creating a window display fall both within a sharp sense of architecture and the skills of a stage director…Let’s turn the street into a cheerful space…”. With a dynamic yet systematic layering technique and sleek  geometric shapes, seeing his original designs turned into reality is a real testament to his timeless creativity and innovation. With the revival of Art Deco aesthetics, this was truly a classic display, fashionable in 2014 as it was in the 1920s.