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With the government tightening its rules on the use of Neon signage, the chance to see them in action is few and wide in between. Commonly used between the late 50s to the 90s, it began as a means for advertising oneself before it turned into an art form that attracted tourist from all over the world to visit Hong Kong, specifically the stretch of Nathan Road between Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. Nowadays, the art has become a rarity in itself.

Last year, Lane Crawford came to Blue Mount with a request to install a set of Neon gemstones in their Pacific Place Home window. It was our first time working with this medium, and we welcomed the challenge head on. After a few trial and errors, short circuited wiring, broken light tubes, melted transformers, we’d like to think we’ve finally conquered the beast and have even suggested it to other clients for their windows. Yes…since the invention of LED lights, the eco-friendly and more stable form of illumination has been a popular choice for most retailers, but the idea behind using neon lights is now more artistic and retro than ever and we expect to see it used more and more in the coming seasons.