Under the Sea

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With Fall / Winter being the more “important” season for the retail market, one seldom sees the Summer themes amplified to the scale as we have in 2015. In the past, our business has been very saturated in the cooler months, starting from Fall/Winter windows, to Holiday, then Chinese New Year, sometimes even Valentines. Following that usually comes a stretch of four to five months where brands put little thought and even less budget into their decorations. However, there has been a slight shift this Summer and all around town, underwater themes have been popping up in brands big and small. We must also wonder if the sale for water-sport equipment have gone up as well!

On a smaller scale, boutiques use elements of the beach or water-sports to adorn their mannequins or display spaces to convey a sense of amusement and relaxation. For example, handbag stands are made by stacking up children’s flotation devices and mannequins accessorize their summer frocks with a full get-up of goggles and flippers, even clear bags of goldfish.

At Ted Baker and Moncler, full scale windows are created to look like subaquatic scenes that makes a much stronger impact to the eyes of the viewer. At Moncler, a water-like print was used as backdrop and flooring, the foreground strewn with corals, and one of the mannequins sit in a giant acrylic teardrop that resembles a water bubble. The same theme is done in a similar approach at Ted Baker, where accessories and promotional posters float around the windows in bubbles.

No matter the season, Mother Nature serves us with a wealth of inspirations that can easily translated into an opportunity for eye-catching Visual Merchandising. This summer, we see water everywhere, and for Autumn, we look forward to seeing what the season inspires.