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Tree of Life at K11 Guangzhou


Blue Mount had the pleasure of working with K11 again, this time to create a comprehensive VM scheme for a newly-erected Art Mall in Guangzhou’s busy financial district. Situated directly below New World’s own Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center, the establishment spans 10 levels, starting from Basement 2 and stretches up to the 8th floor where fine-dining and VIP lounges can be found.

Finding inspiration in the K11 Guangzhou’s surrounding isn’t difficult when the mall sits only steps away from the Flower City Square – a large park and recreational area in the middle of a bustling business district. Viewing the structure as a wise old tree, or The Tree of Life, it has secured its sturdy foundation by laying strong roots deep into the ground, while a hefty trunk offers sanctuary to birds and animals, and a full-bodied foliage that brightens up the horizon, creating art with its leaves. Each level of the mall, starting from B2, all the way up to the 8th floor reflects the different portion of this figurative tree.

Starting from the basement level, an intricate root system has opened a portal that connects the Flower City Square subway station to the K11 Art Mall. The roots effortlessly frame the entrance, adorned with colourful hand-wound aluminium wires to instill an extra layer of tribal warrior strength to the bedrock of this establishment. Up between ground level and the 5th floor, hanging in the main atrium, is a more literal form a tree crafted out of golden steel with wired leaves and faux-ceramic-finished doves. Suspended upside down on a patented custom-made truss, the sculpture symbolizes a tree’s ability to grow and thrive in challenging situations.

Level 4 is the designated “art” floor that features art zones, galleries et al. We saved the most dynamic of themes – florals – for this particular section of the mall to emphasize how flowers often inspire artists and add colours our daily environment. A custom-made glass showcase sits beneath the large skylight and houses a series of animatronically blooming flowers. As a CRM exercise, the “greenhouse” is fitted with sensors that collect foot-traffic data, as well as control how often the flowers open and close. A

Every level of the mall is connected by a 6-elevator system; each lift lobby features a completely different display that matches various components of a tree’s eco-system as it stretches from bottom to top, while at the same time taking in mind each floor’s trade mix. For example, 2nd floor holds a host of activewear brands and was given the theme of a tree trunk, so for both the VM and lift lobby displays, we sculpted tree trunks out of fiberglass, fitted it with domed steel showcases for merchandise placement, and finished it with a softer, craftsman’s touch by encasing the façade with intricate patterns made of tough climbing ropes.

From top to bottom, Blue Mount has produced approximately 6 large-scale displays, 10 lift-lobby displays, table-top displays, and a series of product showcases for K11 Guangzhou. Upcoming is yet another new mall in the northern region of China. Stay tuned.


K11 Art Mall